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On writing and dieting.

The week really ends on Monday, but I'm sitting alone downstairs, listening to raindrops smack the pavement, and it makes me reflective. This entire week I stuck to the plan - juice and fruit all morning and trading off between proteins and carbs to match with my vegetables. Bob and I nearly had a sweets breakdown last night (the idea of red velvet cake was SO tempting), but we worked through it and when I stepped on the scale this morning it appears to all have been worth it. So, finally, after a week of little to no movement on the scale, I dropped another pound. I would like to have a running total, but there's a disconnect between what the Weight Watchers scale and my personal scale read. Either way, I'm eating better than I ever have in my life and that has to count for something.

My mother brought over a juicer she's had for years but only used once. We're still experimenting to see what's delicious in the juicer, but I'm really excited. Bob has a coworker who lives on a farm that has twenty orange trees on it, among other tasty treats. Already she's brought us in a huge bag of oranges and avocados. With this produce hook-up we can put this juicer to good use!

Our exercise is still walking two miles a day. I started the Wii Active again last week and then sort of fell short. I've been restless lately. Lacking focus. When faced with any amount of free time I sort of panic about using its full potential and end up doing something that accomplishes very little.

And speaking of accomplishing very little, that's how I feel about my January as far as writing goes. I'd like to take a page from Kathy's book and focus on what I did accomplish. So here goes:

1. I've switched my music. I used to love letting my mind wander to plot and characters while I drove anyway. I have about 15 minutes each way to work every day that I could be using to make my characters really breathe but instead I've been listening to the 91X morning show and then, on the way home, a bunch of music that I've probably already heard at work. I needed to get back to music that inspires me. I used to create soundtracks for scenes I could see in my head and yesterday I finally rediscovered that.

2. I've made a few notes. I think my trouble is I can't decide what story I want to write. There's a long, involved story that I've half-penned with Kim that really is itching to get out there. I think it's a good story. I think if Twilight can get published, certainly our story is more interesting. I'm afraid of it though, because I don't know where to start. Yet, I feel like, if I just got it moving in a direction, any direction, perhaps things would come together and we'd actually do something with it.

Then there's a character I created to write with her that I simply adore and who I never had a chance to explore. I'd like to take this person and write his story.

And then there's a third story that's more of an element than a theme. Something I'm honestly afraid to adventure into, but sometimes those can be the best.

So. At least in January I focused my ideas down to three. Made a few notes on one. Switched my music to something more inspiring. I think that's a good start into the year.

Now to make something of February.



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Feb. 7th, 2010 01:36 am (UTC)
Our story is definitely more interesting than Twilight. Sheesh.

Also, I was like WHO WHO WHO about the "other" character, then I realized who you must mean. Hee. The "other" E. ;D

I'm not trying to pressure you into what you should be working on, and I know we have similar problems/anxieties re: our stuff, but. Working on this other thing, slowly but surely, is forming a bit of a nice habit and I'm actually moving in the right direction for once instead of just freezing up. So.

That said, we all know I have a fuck-ton of free time now. I think you should come down here some time and we can go to Borders and hang out. Then maybe you can see Mr. Hot Borders Guy and laugh at me. And the rest of the time I can come halfway or up to you. Whatevs. Just throwing it out there... ;D
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