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Food Combining: Week 3

I'm nearing my the end of my third week of food combining. There was a glitch in week two and part of week three that Bob discovered. See, the book says you may start your day off with fresh fruit or fruit juice (or both), so I was doing both. Mom brought over her juicer and we were making delicious orange juice every morning. Turns out, the juice of four to five oranges every morning, plus other fruit to get me through the day until noon is way, way too much sugar for my PCOS body. All it did was maintain my weight for a week and a half. Frustrating!

I've ditched the juice and gone back to eating just whole pieces of fruit and it seems to be working again!

As of this morning my total loss is 14.2. :)

I feel fantastic! I'm not counting points, I'm not obsessing over calories, and I'm getting more nutrients from my food than I have since my parents stopped spooning baby food into my mouth. Obviously, some of the lessons from Weight Watchers are still there, as far as how big a portion is and the evils of salt. And I've picked up on other things along the way, thanks to Fast Food Nation and The China Study.

So now, to just get through Valentine's Day. I'm cooking a meal that isn't on plan, but should be delicious and a well deserved celebratory treat for both Bob and myself. :)



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