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Food Combining: Week 4

I feel like I should make a quick list here just to point out why last week simply did not work. In fact, we could even go as far as to call it a "tremendous failure."

It started with Valentine's Day dinner, which resulted in left overs for the beginning of that week. Potatoes with far too much butter, cream cheese and half and half. While delicious, they probably did nothing to help the week. However, I can't blame that dinner for the entire week.

Tuesday we were taken to El Torrito by a vendor. I had a salad that I thought I did well with, but it turns out simply pretending there isn't cheese on a salad isn't the equivalent of requesting it to not show up.

Wednesday night we had friends over and ate delicious, delicious food. Bob and Kim ensured I had salmon instead of steak to eat, and I completely ignored the gorgeous loaf of sliced french bread on the table, but that did not stop me from having creme brule for dessert. Nor did it stop me from having the left over creme brule for dessert the following evening.

Saturday we had Kathy and Ben over. I should have stopped at the chicken, but then there was delicious beer bread and then lemon cake trifle. Sigh.

Sunday? Burgers at my brother's to celebrate JR's birthday. Then two slices of cake (I had to taste both!). Small triumph here, though, I didn't get anywhere near the chip/snack table except to snag a single carrot and piece of celery.

So. I did breakfast right all week, but my dinners were not optimal. So I should be happy that I *only* gained 1.8 pounds over the entire week. Oh well. We're going into the second month, week five, with 12.4 pounds still gone.

I've learned to love adding sprouts to my salad and have developed a fierce passion for red pears and kiwi. Who knows what I'll get to try this week. ;D



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Feb. 26th, 2010 03:09 am (UTC)
I may have to give sprouts a go as well.
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