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Food Combining: Week 5

It's hard for me to believe we've only been doing this a month. Every meal's choices come naturally now. I do like knowing well ahead of time when I'm going to a restaurant, though, so I can plan my meal accordingly from their website's menu. Take Friday night for example: We went to Lucille's BBQ, ate warm biscuits with apple-butter, giant salads, and even a little banana pudding and I still lost weight the next day!

Which brings me to this week's stats. All good ones:

Loss for the week: 3.3 lbs.
Overall Loss: 15.7 lbs.

At first, the weight loss was a lot more drastic. Six pounds in the first week. I know it's foolish to want that to continue, seeing as quick loss isn't good for our bodies and isn't likely to stay, etc, etc.. but I won't lie and say I didn't do some weight-math based on six pounds a week. Three is much more acceptable.

The current weight-math puts me at hitting somewhere near my goal in June. June! That really isn't that far away! I'm open to all kinds of factors, like, the less there is to get rid of the longer it takes. But setting goals helps me keep myself in line.

I'm having trouble seeing a lot of difference in myself. I know my old jeans are ridiculous and need to be retired now (though, Bob did suggest I keep them to be future-pregnancy jeans). Maybe when I hit the 20 pound mark things will be more obvious. Bob has gone beyond 20 pounds lost since we started. I'm not sure where he is exactly, except that he's the lowest he's been in his adult life! And what a difference! His persistence and willingness to do this with me is loads of help. As is the support I get from friends at work and from talking about it with my mother.

I feel as though my eyes have been opened to what I'd been doing to my body all these years. And to what I've been missing! Kiwi and red pears? Delicious! And much more satisfying than any Twix bar.

. . .

In news that does not involve my waistline: I wrote! And not only that, I can feel my brain shifting its focus on plot and characters again. I used to walk around in a fog of narration, but when I started working a 9-to-5 it faded all but completely. But Friday, on my way to dinner, I found myself quickly scribbling notes on scrap papers while I waited at a red light. That part of my brain is waking from it's long, restful hibernation and I couldn't be more excited.

I'm working on a second creative project this month, too. Bob and I will be writing and hosting a murder mystery dinner mid-April for my coworkers. We'll be writing the mystery ourselves, as well as preparing dinner and dressing up our downstairs to fit the theme of the party. I'm so excited!

. . .

On Thursday, Bob had an interview for a job at Sony down in Mira Mesa.. and he got the job! It sounds like he's starting on Tuesday. He will work from 5 am to 2 pm four days during the week and 9 am to 10 pm on one weekend. It will be weird not having him both days on the weekend, but I think some alone time in the house will be good for me. I have some organization projects forming in my head, as well as being able to take entire guilt-free days to write.

Things are looking up! :)


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Mar. 2nd, 2010 12:56 am (UTC)
Yay on the healthy eating!

Yay for Bob on the job!
Mar. 2nd, 2010 03:55 am (UTC)
Your latest posts have made me smile a lot. Just wanted to let you know. Well done, you. :)
Mar. 4th, 2010 02:40 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :)

I'm glad to see you around LJ again, too.
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