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Summary - Week 6

I'm a day late in posting this because I was hoping there would be better stats to report. Turns out a week of fluctuation has left me right back where I was last week. As much as I love to watch numbers drop, I loathe to watch them rise and that brings me to this resolution: weighing only once a week. I shouldn't start my morning grimacing and peeking through my fingers at a bathroom scale. It's not a happy way to start it. Besides, I spend more time rearranging the scale on the tile in hopes that a slightly different position will yield a more favorable number. No one should weigh themselves as obsessively as I have been for the last six weeks.

So, I mean it. Scale on Sunday mornings. And that's final.

This was not a week of "tremendous failure," though (See: Week 4). I have spent some time wandering Baron's Marketplace solo in hopes of finding new foods to try. Friday night I picked up some radishes (they are just so darn cute!), eggplant (so darn purple!), and bean sprouts (so darn.. sprout.. y..). The radishes have a faint pepper taste that I enjoy, as well as a satisfying crunch that hugs my teeth a little. I like that. Half the eggplant fell victim to an unsatisfying stir-fry. The pieces that didn't sponge-up the olive oil were tasty, but the others felt like big juicy.. gross. I've learned my lesson and will cook them separately in the future. I looked for recipes before I tackled the eggplant, but most things wanted mounds of cheese. The bean sprouts were the clear winner this week. They're so refreshing raw!

I'm not one-hundred percent sure what I'll pick up this week, but I was eying the red-leaf lettuce at Baron's today and remembering a friend at work singing it's praises not too long ago. Alas, more romaine for us this week. I used to think, how could I ever get sick of romaine lettuce? It's just lettuce! And here I am, pining for spinach. What a strange creature I've become.

In the not-as-healthy-but-still-better-than-say-cake-and-ice-cream food discoveries, I'm now in love with falafal. It's amazing. I had it at a wrap at Daphne's, with purple onions, iceberg lettuce and hummus and it was delicious! We went right back the second day and I had it again, this time with spanakopita, too. Then, recognizing that, despite this all being meatless it was still fried, I didn't go back to Daphne's for the remainder of my meals over the weekend. But it was hard. Believe me.

. . .

Currently, my head is swirling with projects. I have three books I'm reading at once, a novel of my own to be pounding out, home-organization plans, gardening ideas. It just all keeps coming. I think I should set some goals for each of these things and work on them one at a time. Devote March to the spring cleaning and April to the garden. Or something.

I've borrowed The Happiness Project from Kathy and already I've picked something up that made a lot of sense to me.  Gretchen Rubin says, "One of my goals for the happiness project was to prepare for adversity -- to develop the self-discipline and the mental habits to deal with a bad thing when it happened.  The time to start exercising, stop nagging, and organize our digital photos was when everything was going smoothly.  I didn't want to wait for a crisis to remake my life."  While I'm not looking to the future as waiting for a crisis, there are big plans ahead for Bob and myself and why wait until we're balancing a family to get some of these things done? 

One of the big things I would like to work back into my routine is exercise.  I've been doing a lot of work on what goes into my body but no work on using my body for more than pushing some papers around a desk.  Bob and I used to get up at 3:45 every morning to hit the gym before I had to go to work.  Now he's on his way out the door at the time, I'm still asleep, and our gym membership has long been canceled. For now, we're finding ways to get exercise around the house.  Sebastian gets one or two walks a day (depending on whether I'm working at my brother's or not) and there is a nice, steep hill near the end of our two-mile walk.  That's all fine and good for my legs, but my upper-body is suffering.  The tools are downstairs.  The Wii-Active worked before and it can certainly work again, if I'd just make the time for it. 

But now I have the time!  Bob leaves early and there's no reason I should stay in bed when he goes.  I can get up, exercise and start my day off right.  I peeked ahead in The Happiness Project and one of the first things she works on is exercise.  It can improve moods and keep one energized throughout the day.  I'd like to get that energy back.  

. . .

Goals for this week:

Exercise in the mornings.
Stay on plan, as usual.
Find another new vegetable or fruit to try!
Write just 500 words on The Project.


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