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NaNoWriMo 2010

My intention during November was to give a weekly update on my word count and experiences during the month long novel writing extravaganza.  But, after the second week, all I could think was: "If I write in Livejournal, am I wasting words?  I could be applying words to my novel.  Word count.  WORD COUNT."

So, I stopped thinking about updating Livejournal.  Then, somewhere in the middle, I stopped trying to meet my daily word count quota.  In fact, aside from the final two days of NaNoWriMo and one random day, I never hit my word count quota. 

I tried Write or Die, which I found to be intimidating and creepy after prolonged use.  I tried working in coffee shops, which (combined with little to no exercise), contributed to a five pound weight gain this month.  I completely lifted the ban on coffee and drank it by the gallon (and haven't resumed the no-caffeine rule yet and it's December 8th.. ho ho ho!).  I spent my lunches furiously pounding away at my story while hoping no one snuck up behind me to read over my shoulder.  I dodged questions about plot and characters from real people, all the while allowing imaginary folks to prance around in every waking thought. 

And, in the end, it came down to two days of endless staring at a computer screen for me to finish the 50,000 words.  In fact, had I not been sick, this story might have had quite the opposite (and woeful) ending.  

All that aside, I finished.  I actually finished a writing project.  Start to finish.  Beginning to end.  Prologue to epilogue.   I'm twenty-eight years old and the only stories I ever finished were short ones for a creative writing class in college.  So, December 1st was a shining moment in my tiny writing history.

And now it's the 8th and I already feel like that challenge was so, so long ago.  I know if I want to do anything with it, it's going to need a large amount of work.  Draft after draft and an entire box of red correction pens.  I love parts about it and hate others, but mostly I love that it's all together for the first time, instead of just circling my head.  

Thank you to those of you who asked me, every day, about my word count or the flow of the story.  Thank you to my coworkers who didn't guilt trip me too badly about not attending lunches with them.  Thank you to friends and family who greeted each announcement and mini-accomplishment with big smiles and enthusiasm.  And thank you to my husband, who started on the road with me, taking my hand, puling gently, and assured me that it was all going to be okay. 

Maybe I never get published and this is all I get as far as a dedications page.

Then again, maybe I do.  See you in hardback, friends.