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the soul quake happened here in a glass world

particle by particle she slowly changes

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And now.. thirty random things about me!

(Thank you a_saving_grace, morecooler, shoebob, liquid_skin and blendedmemory for playing!)

1. I'm a caffeine addict. I tried to quit a few months ago, and lasted nearly a month, but found myself turning into a mindless zombie. I'm back to drinking it, but without the extra shots and the two visits to Starbucks a day. My favorite coffee bean is Starbucks' Christmas Blend. I hate that it's seasonal. In fact, my favorite store-bought creamer is Gingerbread. Also seasonal. Grr.

2. When I was a little girl, I wanted to grow up to be a faery. Sadly, my wings never grew.

3. I've saved someone's life.

4. I have this beautiful little perfume bottle that I've only recently filled with jasmine oil. Sometimes I wear it during the day, but mostly at night. I place a drop on my wrist and because of the way I sleep, my wrist rests close to my nose. I think it helps me sleep better.

5. I am obsessed with keys. Old ones with ornate decorations at the top.

6. I've been working on the same cross-stitch for six years.

7. Though I like to say David Duchovny was my first love, I know full well that men like Sam Neill, Jonathan Brandis and Christian Slater came first. I still get chills when David speaks, though, and don't look twice at the others. That counts for something, right?

8. I'm a jerk.

9. I have a plant named Liam who lives in my office. I think I've had him for.. fouryears now? Three? I'm not really sure. Liam's a hearty plant, though. He survived trauma from the mail system.

10. There is a jar sitting on my bookshelf. It may look empty to you, but as soon as we figure how how to extract DNA from air, I'm getting my own Ewan McGregor made. You watch.

11. I was the best high school newspaper feature's editor blendedmemory could ask for.

12. I get hooked on songs for funny reasons. Sometimes I'll be sitting somewhere thinking: I want to remember everything about this moment. The way she's sitting, the way the sun's hitting just half his face, etc. And then a song will come on and the scene becomes a perfect snapshot. Example: Keane's Somewhere Only We Know will always remind me of yunikoneko singing in the front seat of a_saving_grace's car, while shoebob and I sat in back.

13. I have a (completely understandable) growing fascination with all things Vince Vaughn.

14. I'm afraid of vomit and eyeballs. No joke.

15. I have been known to attack Obi-Wan cosplayers.

16. I have a great rack. shoebob's sister was even checking me out. But she's Minnesotan and therefore excessively nice.

17. I love travel. In the last couple of years I've been doing a lot more out of the country travel. Each year we try to fly oversea and visit a couple new places.

18. I have multiple celebrities in my closet.

19. I have three pets living with me. Sebastian is the most homosexual dog I've ever seen. He has natural eyeliner and dark toenails that appear to be painted. Nora, my black and white cat, is a feminist. She doesn't put up with anyone's shit. Especially Wesley's, our white cat. Wesley is a catasaurus rex. And dumb as hell. If they made helmets for cats, we'd invest in one. That said, they're all very lovable (well, except for Nora).

20. morecooler is having a steamy affair with my mother.

21. Ever since visiting shoebob, I've been forcing myself to try new foods and not be so picky. So far it's working out really well. I'm tasting things I wouldn't have ever touched before. I'm not ready to drop meat and go pure vegetarian or anything, but I am a lot more tolerant, happy even, when green stuff ends up on my plate.

22. I'm really, really terrible at returning things on time. I owe money to most video rental stores. Even my nephew teases me about having a wanted poster of me up behind the Hollywood Video counter.

23. I am adorably polite.

24. I'm afraid I'll never get through with school. I'm going back again this semester and taking classes that should be fun, I hope. I'm not letting myself quit this time, either.

25. I love my little appendage brother.

26. I took piano lessons as a child but never really got into it. I'm sorry now, as I wish I had some sort of musical talent. I've considered taking piano at the college, but that whole "needing talent" thing I'm still lacking.

27. I think Moulin Rouge is the best movie ever made, and if you disagree I will fight you out behind the sandbox.

28. I love the smell of old libraries. I used to take having a nice library close by for granted, because now our public library is about as big as a 7-11. It's sad.

29. I know the power of beach balls. Including big gay Death Stars.

30. I am freakishly tall.